Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Rejuvenating The Old

I found some time to do a bit of crafting over the weekend again. I came across this little crate at the local supermarket - apparently it used to house cherries - and I immediately saw potential in it. I took it home, let my imagination flow for a few days and...

...this is what came out. I'd had this hydrangea wrapping paper for a while (I adore hydrangeas!) and I thought it would look really pretty on a box of some kind. It turned out I was right!

My second project involved an old straw bag from Rice. I got it on sale several years ago and it was really pretty to start with. The colours of the flowers faded considerably, though, and the bag served as a book stand in our bedroom...

Then I fell in love with this beauty from the latest Boden catalogue. I didn't order the tunic as it was quite expensive but I kept thinking about what I could embelish with these gorgeous circles. And then I got the most fabulous idea...

...ta-da! I used some Liberty fabric for the circles and then sewed wooden beads round each one. I'm very happy with the result...

... I absolutely adore my new straw bag!


  1. Hi Biba thank you for following !

    I really like what you did with the bag - it's ready to start a brand new life.

  2. i have a cherry box like that under my bed! i've be waiting for it to come in handy for something haha


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