Tuesday, 8 June 2010

SCWC Day Two: Brown (And A Touch Of Pink)

June 8 is one of the most memorable days in my life. This is the day when, nine years ago, I became a mother for the very first time. Today, or shall I say tonight, at 10.57 pm, my (once little) boy turns nine! Happy birthday, my beloved boy!

So, today we have been celebrating. My boy went on a school trip in the morning but he was back at lunchtime so we invited his grandparents, my Mum and Dad, out for a pizza (it's his birthday tradition, but this year, for the first time, Dad had to work and our little girl had a day trip at her kindergarten) - just the four of us, then!

We had a lovely time, and after pizza, Grandpa treated the birthday boy to some ice-cream (and Mum and Grandma to a nice cup of ice coffee...).

As for the wardrobe challenge, I picked items three and five from the list and accessorized them with brown (and a touch of pink...). The outfit was perfect for the lovely warm (hot for many) day.

Today's accessories:

flats - Vagabond
belt - from another piece, a tunic, I think
corsage (on belt) - H&M
wooden beads & bangle - large outlet store in the capital
sunglasses - Marks&Spencer
brown leather bag - Laura Ashley
angel earrings & bracelet
watch - Axcent of Scandinavia
shopper - Ulster Weavers
peony corsage (on shopper) - L'Occitane

In the afternoon the birthday boy had his friends over for some cake & sandwiches so I switched into a caterer's outfit - a T-shirt and bermuda shorts...

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  1. Such fun and unusual proportions in this ensemble, lady!


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