Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Blog Award!

I've got another one! A big thank you to the lovely Mathea from Lolavie, who already presented me with an award a while ago.

The rules of accepting this award are as follows:

- thank and link the blogger who has given you the award
- copy & paste the logo in your blog
- share seven facts about yourself
- nominate fifteen other great bloggers
- comment and let them know about the award

So, here goes:

1. I wanted to have six children when I was younger. I had the names ready and all... I cut the number in half later on, so I would still love to have another baby one day. Even if not, I'm really grateful for my two treasures.

2. I love being near the water but not actually in it, I don't like getting wet unnecessarily.

3. I adore porridge, yummy!

4. I'm desperately in love with purses, I already have a large collection and still can't resist a new one. I particularly love clasp frame purses with antique metal frames.

5. I'm also mad about brooches and pins. The more colourful, the better.

6. And scarves. I get this from my Mum, she loves her scarves. I used to admire her collection when I was little. I have my own now... but we still borrow from each other whenever the need occurs!

7. I have three bicycles. I ride all of them (not at the same time, obviously...).

Yikes, now I would have to name fifteen bloggers and pass them this award, but I'm not very good at this. I love the blogs I follow but most of the lovely ladies behind them have already shared many facts about their lives, so I'll just let anyone pick up the award if you fancy and tell us something we don't know about you yet.

Thanks again, Mathea!


  1. Congratulations! Number 7 made me laugh! And as it is breakfast time and my tummy is rumbling, Number 3 has made me hanker after an unseasonal bowl of steaming porridge...

  2. Thank you, Alix! I hope you enjoyed your porridge :)

  3. Yikes.... 6 kids ?!
    here are a few of my own:
    1. I enjoy looking at property listings even if I am not buying anything.
    2. When I travel, the first things I usually go for are museums and churches.
    3. I use to bite my nails.

  4. Fancy that, numbers one & two would definitely find place on my list as well! Number three would be my husband's territory, as well as my son's...


Thanks for taking your time!