Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Weekend Highlights

- arriving on Saturday morning, husband and kids already spent the night at the cabin

- being silly with my little girl

- playing cards late at night - who cares about sleeping?

- some lovely forest flora

- on top of one of the hills, you can see the whole town - can you spot the lake?

- with my husband

- even my big brother cycled by for a quick drink!


  1. WOW Biba this post was full on energy !
    I loved seeing that you have wonderful weather and that you spent the day wisely with family :)

  2. Thanks, Lorena! It was the whole weekend, actually, and even I spent one night at the cabin (even though it's only a half-hour hike down the hill to our town). It was a fabulous weekend, we always enjoy it!

  3. What great pics Mojca! Thankyou for sharing them - lovely to see you and your family :)
    Alison x


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