Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Houses & Blossoms

Monday's outfit. I'm wearing a trenchcoat and leather boots. Leather boots!!! At the end of July! And I don't live in the southern hemisphere!

Sorry about all those exclamation marks. It's just really difficult to comprehend, this awfully cold and rainy weather at this time of year. I don't mind lower temperatures, really, I like to put on my coat, but my body desperately needs the warmth (the heat, to be honest) of the sun and summer months are the ideal opportunity to stock up for colder seasons. None of that this year, I'm afraid!

Anyway, I wore this outfit for a day trip to the capital, for a meeting & lunch with a good friend. It was lovely, the weather doesn't bother me at all when I spend time with my favourite people!

If you checked yesterday's post you can see that I'm wearing a few of the items from the 'Three Things' list - I love my new house earrings and the precious flower brooch, so delicate and pretty!

I'm wearing:

- boots - Alpina (local brand)
- socks - no idea
- skirt - local boutique, I guess, many years ago
- cardi - Monsoon
- tank top - see 'skirt'
- trenchcoat - Zara
- belt - Brora
- scarf - fairtrade boutique in the capital
- earrings, brooch - hand-made by Marysia
- crochet bag - I made it!

I hope at least some of you are having a warmer summer!


  1. Sorry Mojca, I only have eyes for your lovely crochet bag - missed it earlier!! Hope your weather gets warmer soon :)

  2. What a beautiful belt! The weather is weird is more like Spring here at the moment and we only just had snow on Monday - so quite an extreme within days.

  3. What a fabulous bag. It has been chilly here out the past few days have got a bit warmer. Hope the sun shines for you

  4. Weather is crazy everywhere !
    We've had tons of rain over the weekend -
    I like your monochromatic look and most of all the fun accessories :)


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