Thursday, 7 July 2011

More Music!

Just got home from their concert.

Absolutely delighted!


  1. I never heard of this group.... I am listening to them a capella from a video on you tube. I really like their name-
    I am looking forward to an Aerosmith concert here sometime in November but in the meantime I am totally crazy over this song:
    The funny thing is IT IS IN PORTUGUESE ! So I have been listening it on the radio for months, LOVED IT but had no idea what it was about :)
    It's called Chora me liga, which means (now I know) She calls me and she cries. It's about a girl who is after a guy that wants nothing to do with her... even though it's a sad story the music is fun.

  2. The group is local and the news about the girls has not yet spread internationally but they do deserve it, they're fabulous. I'm a big fan of theirs.

    I like your fave song, it's fun. I really enjoy listening to the Portuguese language, it has such a nice sound to it!


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