Monday, 14 December 2009

The Brown Hat

Right, here we are - at last! My brand new chocolate brown hat! A very early birthday present from my Mum & Dad! I really love this hat, I think it looks fabulous (I don't mean it looks fabulous on me, it just looks fab on its own!). And to make things even better, I found this absolutely gorgeous Boden skirt with applique birds - what more can you wish for?

I wore this outfit to church yesterday. It was cold and miserable and wet. My outfit made me feel lovely and cosy and warm. And that's what it's all about, right? To feel comfy?

coat - Benetton
belt - not sure (the coat came with a matching belt)
boots - Bata
scarf - Etsy (AliceCaroline)
handwarmers - Etsy (Crafts2Cherish)
leather gloves - Marks&Spencer
hat - Seeberger (early b'day present from my parents!)
suede purse - my Mum's, vintage

Under the coat my lovely birds were hiding. I kept everything else pretty simple (if I don't count the accessories, of course, I always go heavy on those...).

skirt - Boden
tights - Polzela (local brand)
sleeveless roll-neck - no idea
cardi - TopShop
belt - came free with a pair of tweedie Orsay trousers
angel pendant & bracelets
corsage (hair clip, actually) - H&M
brooch - self-made; spare button from green Boden coat & dangling bird & bird-house

So, this was yesterday. Over night, we got snowed in (almost). My exercise today wasn't a walk around our lovely lake, it was shovelling snow at my parents' house. Even though I lift weights on a regular basis I'm sure I'll wake up with sore muscles in my arms tomorrow morning. I don't mind, though... we're having a white Christmas!


  1. Lovely outfit, and great accessories as usual! You're so lucky having snow - can I borrow some? :D

  2. Oh, Alison, you're sooo welcome! I can post lots of it if you like... I'm not very fond of snow, and I 've put this very mildly. I can hardly bring myself to enjoy it for the sake of the children, that's how bad it is!


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