Friday, 18 December 2009

Winter Wear II.

My collection (a part of it, anyway) of my winter accessories - scarves, gloves/mittens and hats. For the sake of the photographs, I've put them together in ensembles that I usually wear but that doesn't mean I don't mix and match, of course. There are more items in my closet, I'm afraid, but these are worn most often and they're considered my favourites. You will definitely see the other ones as parts of my winter outfits.

scarf - Robert Mackie of Scotland
hat & mittens - Kokoska (local boutique brand); handmade in Bosnia

hat - Barts
leather gloves - Marks&Spencer
scarf - Ika (local boutique brand)

knitted beret - Benetton
gloves - Benetton
scarf - Tait & Style

scarf - Barbour
gloves - don't know, but they're 'Made in England'

I wear these with my white down coat, camel coat, brown tweedie coat, black coat, navy duffle coat, Barbour jacket, chocolate down jacket... I love all of the above ensembles and I couldn't really pick my favourite. Can you?


  1. I love them all - what beautiful colours! So nice to see them all displayed like that. The hat by Barts looks lovely and exotic :)

    The last pic looks very 'Scottish', hehe!

  2. They are all great but I can't decided between the first two as my ultimate favourites.


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