Thursday, 17 December 2009

Winter Wear I.

It's winter. Officially. We've had a cold week. Lots of snow. I don't like snow. I would love to stay indoors until spring comes again. I wouldn't be bored, I promise. There are so many things I'd do. Read. Create. Nap. But, (un)fortunately, life goes on - even in winter. As long as I'm warm I'm O.K. Which means that I practically live in this coat these days. It's long and warm and you can't really see what I'm wearing underneath. And I can't be bothered. I'm wearing sweats, would you believe it? Not that I'd blog a photo of myself wearing sweats (actually, that's exactly what I'm doing...).

Anyway, this is what I've looked like outdoors this past week. I love my hat and mittens set, it's hand-made (knitted and embroidered) by my Mum. It was a Christmas present nine years ago when I was pregnant with my son. I also like my cream embroidered pashmina, I've had it for years and I've been using it a lot, not only in winter.

These days I've been wearing:
shoes - don't know
leg warmers - Benetton (I've had them since university years)
coat - C-jeans
scarf/pashmina - Kokoska (local boutique brand)
hat & mittens - gift, hand-made by my Mum
(pics are always clickable!)

Saying all that, I must say that there are many more hats and many more pairs of mittens and gloves in my closet, and I won't even go into scarves... I love accessories and they're the only thing really that keeps me going in winter! I plan to do a special post on my winter accessories, so I'll let this be it for today. I hope you're somewhere warm and cosy as you're reading this and that there's a cup of hot tea/coffee/chocolate next to you. Enjoy!


  1. You look so toasty! Beautiful garments. Merry Christmas!

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