Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Carpe Diem...

Well, here we are, the festive December has begun. We lit the first Advent candle on the wreath, three more to go; these few weeks will pass in a jiffy and we will be celebrating the arrival of 2010...

I remember, when I was a teenager, how far away the year 2000 seemed to be then. I used to calculate my age and thought that 28 (the age I turned in 2000) was OLD. We're approaching 2010. All of a sudden, I feel so young. I feel great, I have a lovely family, and I wouldn't want to be 18 again for the world!

What I do miss from my BC (before children) time is travelling to Britain each year but I'm sure that pretty soon I will be lamenting - on a remote island off the Scottish coast... - how my little ones don't want to spend time with me... So, carpe diem!

Nothing spectacular on the outfit front. I still feel a bit poorly (haven't I just mentioned that I feel great...?), in fact, I'm running a little fever this evening. This was yesterday's outfit:

boots - Alpina (local brand)
corduroys - Mana; I changed the buttons
top - Laura Ashley (old!!!)
argyle vest - S. Oliver
beret - Seeberger
corsage (on beret) - TopShop
earrings - freebie from Etsy seller BeadsByEvelyn
angel pendant & bracelets!

I put on a jacket and a scarf to go outside, of course:

jacket - don't know
scarf - H&M

Have a lovely last month of the year, everyone!

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