Wednesday, 9 December 2009

The Lake

I've been complaining about the weather recently, haven't I? One of the reasons is that I like to do my daily exercise outdoors. I usually walk or jog and when it's really cold and wet I don't feel like stretching my nose out of the window (I have to, of course, as one of my' jobs' is being my kids' taxi driver...). I quite like my home town, in the south of Slovenia, it's a place surrounded by woods, some of them are even virgin forests. There's a lot of green colour around and there are many spots where you can go and relax.

One of my favourite spots is this lake on the outskirts of our town. There used to be a coal mine there, but the shaft was covered with water many years ago and - voila - we have a lake! I used to swim in it when I was a teenager, and the lake freezes when the winters are really cold so I used to ice-skate there as well. I don't anymore, but these days (in the summer, to be precise) my boy likes to go fishing here with his friends.

It's a beautiful spot, and the best thing about it is that there is a path round and round (not directly on the shore all the way but never mind). This is where I usually go walking or jogging - because it lies on a small hill above the town the sun stays there longer than anywhere else. And I do like my fair bit of sunshine, thank you very much.

It's been ages (it seems that way, anyway) since I last went for a quick walk - and I mean quick, it's my favourite exercise. I think the pics were taken in October. I do hope there will be more sunny days this winter so that I can enjoy my place of tranquility on a regular basis... You are kindly invited to join me!


  1. Those pictures are beautiful. Thanks for sharing a piece of Slovenia with us.

  2. What gorgeous scenery! Hope you get to enjoy lots of relaxing walks soon :)


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