Wednesday, 2 December 2009


I love wreaths. They're basically... rings. And what girl doesn't like a nice, shiny ring? I mean, honestly, don't wreaths / rings make waiting easier? An engagement ring makes waiting for your dream wedding easier... An eternity ring makes... everything easier, because you know that someone will walk hand in hand with you for the rest of your life. An advent wreath makes waiting for Christmas so much easier! Each Sunday you light a candle and the week between the Sundays vanishes so quickly you don't even notice... A wreath on the door welcomes you into your own cosy home and makes waiting for your loved ones easier... There, that's what I think of wreaths and rings and families!

Here you can see our family wreaths for this year's festive season. The advent wreath on the table is covered with fresh moss (which of course will dry eventually...) and my Mum is the expert behind it. All I did was put it on the cake stand, added a tartan ribbon, some walnuts and four candles. We lit the first one last Sunday.

The wreath on the door (again courtesy of my Mum) is embellished with some greenery, a Nutcracker, a tartan bow (of course) and it hangs on this gorgeous holly ribbon I bought at Harrods...fifteen years ago, I think! And I still have it! That's how pathetic I am, I actually keep things from Britain until they disintegrate...

Anyway, I make a different wreath for our door every year, a couple of years ago I made one of pop corn! It was lovely, everyone admired it, and I'm really sorry I didn't bother to take a picture of it. I might make another one next year...

Until then - or, hopefully, until the next post - night night!


  1. I loved reading this post Mojca - I feel all Christmassy now! :) The wreaths are all fabulous and I really like your thoughts about them - lovely!

  2. I have great intentions to do crafty things like this every Christmas but always run out of time. I love these though.


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