Monday, 11 January 2010

Birthday Party

One of several, of course. I celebrated with both family and friends. I was really touched by all the good wishes I received - in person, by phone, by mail, on Facebook, on the blog (thank you all!)... and I really really love the presents I got! I've shown you some already, there's more to follow...

On Saturday evening I hosted my traditional 'Birthday Dinner for Girls' at my parents' house (we live in a flat nearby but it is so much more comfortable to have a party in a large dining & living room, isn't it...? So I rent every year...). Seven out of ten attended; three sadly had to cancel due to horrible weather conditions which really prevented a safe journey.

This year I chose not to prepare a gourmet dinner but opted for canapes - it let me more time to actually sit with the girls and chat (I say girls - and I'm the youngest in the company...). It was a wonderful evening, we really enjoyed it, and for you, dear bloggers, some photo highlights of the evening!

P.S.: I've only just realised I'm in the 'wrong club' - I should either have put my cream beret on or run to the other side before the timer went off!


  1. Happy Birthday and thank you so much for my lovely gift which arrived today.
    I will post about it when I start posting again in February.
    The gift is perfect.

  2. What a lovely photo of you and your friends - I love your orange and pink outfit, great colours together! I'll be blogging about your lovely gift too - off to take a photo of it while the day is nice and bright! x


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