Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Birthday Presents

I can already show you some presents I got from my husband and children! I got them last night, on the eve of my birthday (I was born very early in the morning, and we won't see each other much today...). I absolutely adore all of them!

I got the pink Sony camera from my husband. I really wanted to have a new, pocket-size one, and the only technical data in my requirements was... the colour! I'm not much of a photographer, so a compact camera like this one is just about everything (a bit more, even) I can handle... I do hope it will serve me well for my blog pics!

From my son, I got the CD I'd been craving - I like Susan Boyle, I've been following her story and I think she has amazing voice! The selection of songs on her CD is wonderful and she definitely doesn't disappoint.

And, from my little girl, I got another angel pendant! I told you I was a collector, I get an angel every year for my birthday. This time it's an image I already own as a painting and now I have it as an accessory as well! You might remember one of my early posts where you can see the angel on the wall.

From my Mum and Dad I got the present early - remember the brown hat? And this green coat was a birthday present from myself... I'm a bit sad that the weather isn't quite appropriate for it now...

Anyway, I'm so happy with everything I got, plus I've already received many birthday wishes today (and it's only noon...) so thanks everyone! Will keep you posted!

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