Wednesday, 13 January 2010

More Birthday Presents

As promised, some more pics of my absolutely gorgeous birthday presents - I'm one lucky birthday girl, aren't I?

From my parents-in-law, I got a beautiful pair of angel pendants, which I immediately transformed into a pair of earrings (my husband chose the pendants; he knew I'd been craving a pair of angel earrings...). How precious are they?

This gift was an absolute surprise. My friends - my daughter's godmother & her husband - travelled to Russia last autumn and they brought back these gorgeous hand-painted goodies - a beautiful flower brooch and a precious little wooden box with the painting of St Basil's Cathedral.

Apart from the precious Russian gifts, I got this lovely pair of slippers from the same couple! These applique slippers have my name written all over them... Another wonderful present was this white pashmina - one of my favourite accessories, as you might have noticed... And, if we stick to my favourites, a beautiful pink floral flask with a strap which will serve as a water bottle on my walks and runs!

Last but not least, a magnificent plant from my brother's familly - it's supposed to bloom in a while, and you can see the future results on the little tags in front of each stem. I'll keep you posted!

I also got a considerable amount of birthday money - I've already 'invested' some of it and I'll soon let you know about my latest acqusitions. It's a never-ending story, isn't it?

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