Thursday, 21 January 2010

Pride & Prejudice

My current obsession. I'm re-reading and re-watching my absolutely and utterly favourite book/series of all times for the umpteenth time. Seriously. I'm one of those people who can quote several passages from the book - starting with the introductory sentence - and I can't get fed up with the characters no matter what.

I'm pretty boring, really, so conventional. My favourites are - you'll never guess - Lizzie & Mr Darcy, and to tell you the truth, I would gladly live their story, not only read about it. It would help if it was based on real-life characters, right...?

I believe that Ehle & Firth are still the best on-screen Austen couple. What do you think? Can you at all bear to open one of Jane's books?

P.S.: Pics courtesy of the BBC website.

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  1. I absolutely agree...Ehle & Firth are #1. I also have an obsession with all the wonderful BBC classic romance tales. I have watched that version at least 50 it!!!


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