Monday, 18 January 2010

Sunday Crafting

Yesterday afternoon was extraordinary. I was alone in my home! Believe me, it doesn't happen very often on a Sunday afternoon... Not that I want it to happen. But every now and then it feels good. My daughter had a play date with her best friend at her place. My two men went out skiing & sleighing. I don't like snow, so I stayed put. And had the whole afternoon to myself. To do some crafting, yay! This is what I made:

Corsage necklace for a friend - she had been waiting for it for over a year so I can't really be too proud of myself... She wanted something black and I came up with this. I think a touch of gold adds the corsage a bit of elegance.

Phone cosy for my boy - he'd asked me some time ago to make one for him - in Spiderman colours with his initial!

And my favourite, a phone cosy for myself! I had a Harris Tweed cuff I hardly ever wore so I cut it in half, added some red ribbon and the obligatory angel and - voila! - I love the result! I made the tassels on the phone myself as well. I've been obsessed with tassels lately. I must have made about a dozen, they dangle from anywhere you can possibly imagine - my phone, my keys, my bags, my brooches... I cut up an old Laura Ashley leather bag to make them; the bag was destined for the bin anyway so what better use than recycle! I love my tassels. Fancy a pair?


  1. Oh these are precious! Especially love your phone cozy.

  2. Fabulous creations Mojca! I really like the leather tassels - clever! Of course the Harris Tweed phone cosy is super cool - lovely to have some time to yourself too :)

  3. fantastic! you are so clever... I'm trying to get a bit more crafty.


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