Tuesday, 22 March 2011


Right, time for another crafting post. I made these bracelets a while ago but I've been so busy crocheting these days that I've just managed to get round and take some pictures! Not of my crochet goodness yet, no, only the bracelets... So here they are:

(1) The Button Bracelet

I got the inspiration for this pretty little piece in blogland somewhere when I was Googling Julie Arkell. I'm terribly sorry but I've been unable to find that exact link - it was Ms Arkell running a workshop somewhere and her wrist was adorned with a cute little bracelet made of buttons. I went through my button box and was really disappointed at first (I thought my buttons were sooo boring!) but after playing with sizes and colours and threads I totally love the result now!

(2) Felt Handsewn Bracelet

This one was hugely inspired by The Most Gorgeous Bracelet Ever Seen - I should use the word copied, actually, not inspired, as I did my best to make an almost replica of the thing. The artist behind it, Lynsey Walters, must be one of the most talented and artistic people in the world!

(3) The Bunting Bracelet

Well, this was just a really sad attempt at a bunting bracelet - I'd been playing with the idea to make one but when I did it just wasn't quite what I'd expected - so I used it for what it was - bunting!

Which one would you pick as your favourite?


  1. The second one is the best!It looks very colourful!

  2. Claudio - thank you, I think it's the most elaborate as well!

    Marysia - hvala! Pravzaprav tudi jaz težko izberem najljubšo...

    Carla - thank you :)


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