Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Three Things

I haven't done this post in a while. Three pretty things that have made my heart & soul enormously happy in the last days.

- a bouquet of white tulips, smelling of spring!

- an absolutely stunningly breathtakingly adorable kitchen towel from Pip Studio, my Mum bought it for me :)

- more houses! - a vintage pencil case my Mum crocheted for me when I was eight years old! I've only recently re-discovered it in my living room drawer but I remember it so well! I used it in my second year of primary school and loved it to bits. Isn't it amazing?

What makes you happy these days?


  1. I am a huge fan of tulips, but here they are so difficult and $ to get ...
    I am also loving the story of the vintage pencil case. I adore finding things like this that transport me to my childhood or to long lost relatives.

  2. I love tulips, and to be honest, they're a huge treat for me as well - they're not difficult to get in the springtime but they are rather pricey; I was lucky enough to treat myself(!) to this bouquet at a large chain store where the prices aren't sky-high...

    And vintage things - yes please!!!


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