Thursday, 10 March 2011


Houses, owls... whatever comes in handy... :). I made this door hanger the other day after being inspired by a similar one from Rice (no longer available, I'm afraid, I can only link you to their page in general), owned by my dear SIL - she got it as a present some time ago. I'd always admired it and then it dawned on me I could make one myself! Sooo, another ta-dah!

I found an old wooden hoop in my Christmas ornaments box, wrapped some Liberty Tana Lawn around it, made a pretty little felt owl (I checked Etsy for some general owl inspiration, but no particular seller), added some felt flowers and satin ribbons and buttons and wooden beads, and out came one sweet owl door hanger!

My boy was rather impressed with the little blue owl and politely asked if I could make one for him as well, pretty please thank you very much Mummy dearest. Why, of course I could. In the end he decided for a white one, as he's a big Harry Potter fan and we came to the conclusion (after a very serious mother and son talk) that I could make him his very own Hedwig. I'm afraid the breed is not quite correct but my Harry is happy and if he's happy I'm happy!

Hedwig's background is another one of my 'masterpieces'. Later!

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