Friday, 11 March 2011


And continuing my crafting posts... it's time for brooches! I've made several in the last weeks, as you can see, and the inspiration came from all over the place. Here they are:

- these pretty crochet flowers were inspired by - of course - Lucy from Attic24. This is what she made some time ago - gorgeous!

- Liberty Tana Lawn flowers, hand-sewn by me; inspired by a lovely brooch seen on a friend...

- the above design is most probably known to English craft lovers. Inspired by a fabulous lady called Julie Arkell! As seen here.

I just looove these colours!!!

- the above image comes from the Marie Claire Idees magazine (Jan/Feb 2011); after I'd seen it I immediately came up with my own idea for a similar design:

You can take a look inside!

My two little treasures!

- last but not least: my cherished Pride & Prejudice pin and gorgeous Scottish landscape pendant-turned-into-brooch from another very talented lady, Aileen!

My tweedie coat lapel is getting quite heavy at this point...


  1. Those brooches are amazing! YOU are super crafty talented. Well done!

  2. Thank you, Teeny, you're so kind! I'm in a phase right now when all I want to do is crafting and crafting and then some more...


Thanks for taking your time!