Friday, 4 March 2011

An Outfit

Sorry, I'm still being creative but not yet taking pictures of the results. An outfit it is, then. I love its simplicity and the fact that it's extremely comfortable - on a miserable day like this! We still have plenty of snow, would you believe it, and I've heard there's been plenty of sunshine in Yorkshire today! So unfair!!! :)

I'm wearing:

- shoes - local shop (which, sadly, no longer exists...)
- skinny jeans - miss bonbon
- cardi - local boutique (sounds fancier than 'shop', doesn't it?)
- shirt - Playlife
- scarf - Laura Ashley (husband's gift on honeymoon!)

So, whoever's bathing in spring sunshine, enjoy!


  1. Love it, Biba!
    Have a lovely evening xx

  2. Thank you, Saskia! Enjoy your Sunday!!!

  3. Your outfit is simple and comfortable!I think your shirt and your shoes are your strong points in every outfit,aren't they? ;)


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