Friday, 26 February 2010


No outfit pics today, my lovely readers, only a few notes, an inspiration picture & wishlist item. This is my last February post, I won't be posting over the weekend, but I'm really excited about Monday! We're starting our Spring Capsule Wardrobe Challenge! I haven't figured out the entire choice of items yet, I've got two days to go but I'm getting there! You wouldn't believe how tricky it is to choose ten items and then mix and match them for five days, knowing that there is a closetful of lovely clothes waiting... This is brilliant, though, because I'm pretty sure that after five days I'll appreciate every single piece in my wardrobe...

The fuchsia coat is from Gudrun Sjoeden's Autumn/Winter collection (I believe it's on sale at the moment!). It was on my wishlist last autumn but somehow I never got round to ordering it. I chose the green velvet Boden coat instead and I'm happy with my choice, but I still love the colours on this cotton raincoat.

And this is my spring wishlist item. It's a solid perfume stick (smells like cherries!) from L'Occitane - it's Limited Edition and it's no longer available in some shops; I'll have to do some market research, I'd love to have this pretty little thing in my purse!

See you on Monday, my dears!


  1. Sounds exciting! See you next week :D

  2. A Spring Capsule Wardrobe Challenge sounds like so much fun!


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