Monday, 15 February 2010

Spring Hair

New haircut today. Still warm... I was desperate for something new - plus I was even more desperate to hide my shiny grey roots. If I didn't dye my hair I'd be totally and completely grey by now. It runs in the family. My maternal grandmother turned white at the age of thirty. She had gorgeous shiny white hair, though. Not this mousy colour that grows on top of my head...

Anyway, a change. Not a big one, just enough to make me feel better. To make waiting for spring a little bit easier. I'm fine for now. What else will it take to chase the winter away?

On the outfit front, I'm wearing a Tulchan cardi and my Mum's scarf from the local chemist's... My signature earrings are there as well, you just can't see them... Here's a quick pic!

Like my new hair?


  1. Are you going to join the Spring Capsule Wardrobe Challenge?


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