Monday, 22 February 2010

Singing In The (Rain) Snow

Another outfit post. I wore this to the church choir practice on Saturday evening. One of my absolutely favourite skirts. Which, as so many other items in my closet, doesn't get as much attention as it deserves.

I always feel oh so Scottish when I wear this skirt. And I should, shouldn't I? It is genuinely Scottish, after all. When I added the wrap to the outdoor version, there was no turning back. I wanted to jump on a plane and fly to Inverness... (perhaps Aberdeen? It's where the Gordon clan comes from, isn't it?) Anyway, with the beret, slightly resembling the tam o'shanter... Who could have stopped me? (Many people, actually...and they did.)

I wore:

boots - Humanic (all wet; I've just come home)
skirt - Pringle of Scotland
blue top - local shop, unknown origin
mustard top - TwoWay
belt - H&M
angel earrings, bracelets, pendant

I bought this skirt several years ago in a lovely shop in our capital which only (well, mostly) sells British things. It's called 'Thistle' (in Slovenian) and I'm a regular there - have been, at least. It was on sale and the size fit perfectly. I was over the moon when I put it on. Perhaps it would be wise to mention on this spot that this was just after I had lost about four stone (yes, there used to be more to me than meets the eye right now...). I'll tell you all about it one day. If I feel brave enough I'll even add a 'before' pic...

Outdoors I added:

jacket - Comma
belt - Jack Jones
wrap - birthday gift from my girlfriends oh so many years ago
handwarmers - Etsy (Crafts2Cherish)
beret - Seeberger
corsage (on beret) - TopShop
leather bag - Laura Ashley, ooold!

As the title suggests, the winter isn't over yet. Thank God for the blogging world. It means I can still get in touch with all of you even if I decide to move to the Southern Hemisphere for the next few months...


  1. You are the 'Queen of accessories' Mojca - so clever! The skirt looks great on you :D
    Have a lovely day!

  2. Thank you so much for the compliment, Alison, I really appreciate it!

  3. I love the mix of the patterns and colours.


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