Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Holiday Crafting

It was a day off in Slovenia yesterday - National Day of Culture. There was plenty to do, hills to climb, exhibitions and concerts to attend, but with our boy having a broken leg we stayed put and I had an opportunity again to do some of my favourite 'job' again - crafting.

The 'Pride and Prejudice' pin was the only thing I didn't make yesterday - I made it some time ago but I decided to post about it anyway because it sort of fits well with the other items. I got the 'material' from Hannah Zakari - I ordered their 'Mr Darcy necklace' - but when I got it I decided to make a pin - more useful!

I got this angel pendant from my husband & children for my nameday last year. I'd worn it on a silver necklace several times but not as often as my other pendant. Then it occured to me that I could put it on a string of stones (you can get something similar at the art gallery, the artist herself puts her angels on strings of stones, so it wasn't my own idea). It took me a while to find the stones I thought matched the pendant well and I absolutely adore these. I'm happy with the result and I'm sure this angel will get much more wear from now on!

The third item isn't new either. I used to wear this necklace a lot but I don't anymore. My best friend really liked it so I decided to give it to her. There was no corsage on it and I wanted to add this pretty little thing. I wasn't happy with the position of the corsage the first time I attached it on the necklace. When I tried to remove it I accidentally cut the string so I had to make it all over again. Now it's ready to be given away!

Last but not least, the angel earrings I got (and made) for my birthday - I found these flowers to add and I just couldn't resist - angels & blossoms! As good as new, right?


  1. I love your crafting. Especially the pin! For the life of me, I couldnt get the ribbon around like you have...do you think it is because my pin was very small? Or because I did not have enough patience.

  2. I guess it is easier if the pin is not too thin (I'm writing poetry here...); otherwise you're right - it takes some time to finish the whole thing off. I'm sure you'll make it. Good luck & have fun!

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  4. I never returned to see your answer here! And was just about to type the same question (well actually i did and then reaslised that you had answered it, silly me and THANKS for answering!) I will try it again with a bigger pin.


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