Friday, 5 February 2010

Inspiration: Agatha

Not Christie. Ruiz de la Prada. I find her absolutely fascinating.

I love her. I love what she does. I love her sense of style and colours.

I wouldn't mind wearing her clothes top to bottom. Including underwear, sunglasses, shoes, anything. Unfortunately, her fashion is not available in Slovenia. Not that I know of, anyway (I'll welcome any hints, though!).

I own plenty of her accessories. We renovated our bathroom a couple of years ago and chose her tiles. Pics to follow.

I often make my own jewellery based on her colour scheme. Pics to follow as well.

She rocks. Do check her website. Bursts of colour. Exactly what one needs on a dreary winter day.

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  1. Hi Mojca - thankyou for claiming the card! (Doesn't matter if it was after the deadline, hehe!) I hoped that a regular reader would want it - so that's great! Will post if off in the next couple of days - Happy Valentines!


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