Friday, 17 June 2011

Cats & Blossoms

Well, in my last post I told you about my friend's art, and today, let me tell you a little bit more about it. Not only does my friend paint, she makes adorable accessories as well! Last weekend I was invited to visit her stall at the local market, and of course, I couldn't not go away with at least one piece of her wearable art! Or two, come to that... :)

My first purchase was this cat pin. Isn't it absolutely adorable?

And then I fell in love with her floral earrings as well. Hand-painted, of course. My colours, all over. This particular pair was my little girl's choice. She knows me so well!

Once again, thank you, Marysia!


  1. Oh, Biba, hvala:-)
    to je zame tako presenetlivo in tako prijetno ko pokazes moje-tvoje akcesorja in tako prijazno pises o meni:-)
    hvala:-) topel obejm!

  2. Franca - I agree!

    Marysia - z veseljem, ker sem resnično navdušena!


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