Saturday, 18 June 2011

In Bloom

In our flat these days. So pretty, I had to take some pictures!

I was given this orchid as a birthday gift seven years ago. I'm not very good at taking care of my plants and I often manage to 'kill' them. I nearly got rid of this one, on several occasions, but somehow never made the final decision, as the friend, the gift-giver, passed away a few years ago. I'm glad I've decided to keep the precious orchid, as it's in bloom again! Yay!

These pretty carnations were a gift to my little girl, her ballet teacher presented each of her pupils with a little flower at their end-of-year performance.

Last but not least, my white kalanchoe, which I got for my name day this year, it's still alive, and still in bloom!


  1. Oh that is lovely that the orchid is blooming again. 7 years is a long time! My Mum has one that is about 3 years old.

  2. I adore flores Mojca - a soft spot for me.
    You cannot be that bad in taking care of flowers, look at the blooming orchids - these are hard to maintain I tell you - I 've had one for 2 years and it's only bloomed once.
    It was a good choice to keep the orchids, now you have a beautiful way to remember your friend.

  3. Well done! perhaps you are not so bad at growing plants afterall.


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