Tuesday, 21 June 2011

My Little Artist

I've had this precious little Camille doll from lovelysweetwilliam listed under my favourites on Etsy for a very long time. It gets sold and then reappears in the shop and I keep waiting for the right moment to make it my own...

The other day, though, I had an idea. Why don't I make something similar myself? Or even better, why don't I ask my little girl, who's a true artist (being very objective here, of course!), to help me?

Consider it done!

I made the little box and copied the beautiful house from the original and my little girl made the 'inhabitant' - a girl she named Maya. She drew a little lamp for her house ('so that she can turn it on in that dark box, right, Mum?'), made Maya a huge birthday cake (Maya is ten, as you can see if you carefully count the birthday candles, same age as my boy, who celebrated his birthday two weeks ago - coincidence, surely?) and a present.

I'm very pleased with Maya, my paper girl living in her box house. I love her vibrant red hair, the red bow, her pretty violet top and her denim skirt. And the best part? She reminds me of my little girl - the artist. Even though she makes new things on a daily basis, Maya will always keep a special place in my heart.

Thank you for the inspiration, Lovely Sweet William!

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