Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Flower Power

Remember this post? I told you I had something to show you... ta-dah!!!

As you might have noticed, I've been crochet-mad this year and Japanese flowers have really, REALLY spoken to me. They're everywhere these days. Remember this? And this? Well, my old Levi's jean jacket was calling for some colour!

Careful, there's more...

One flower-embellished pashmina just doesn't do it for me...

I had to make another one, with happier, spring/summery colours. Like it?

Another flower-power project of mine is embellished T-shirts. The idea came from my lovely blogging friend Lorena and guess what... Lorena, this one's for you! At long last!!!

I'll post a better picture if you like, along with some other T-shirts I've embellished (for my little girl & myself) should you prefer a different colour scheme. If you're happy with this one, though, could you please e-mail your address so that I can send it to you!

Flower power!!!


  1. oh my gosh, they're gorgeous!

  2. Oh Mojca what a beautiful surprise !
    I had not forgotten about it and had actually been wondering IF you had forgotten, but I did not dare ask ;)
    It's a piece of art, I love it, it's even prettier than I had imagined - really.
    I will be sending you my address to your email.
    I want the one you made for me in the picture - but out of curiosity I would like to see the rest of the goodies you made.
    Your little girl is the cutest and that jean jacked is another fabulous piece.
    Many thanks again.


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