Wednesday, 29 June 2011

London Purchases

Right, so, when I'm in Britain I simply have to shop. I urgently need to bring home something from my beloved island. No matter how trivial the purchase, it reminds me of the happy times spent in paradise...

My weekend in London was no exception, of course. I brought back some lovely 'souvenirs'... Mostly from Monsoon & Accessorize, don't ask me why, I seem to have focused on these brands this time!

- sooo, I got this lovely pair of white leather sandals from Monsoon

- a couple of purses from Accessorize - I've already re-embellished them...

- an Accessorize scarf

- a tiny owl pendant from Accessorize, sold as a mobile phone charm, but I put a key ring on, I find it much prettier...

- a pair of flip-flops from Accessorize - flip-flop perfection!

- this little frilled cardi from Monsoon - so versatile!

- a headband from Monsoon (for girls) - both my little girl & I will use it

- last but not least, I bought a copy of Mollie Makes magazine and made this lovely corsage from the kit that came with it!

Pretty, isn't it?

P.S.: We also got some presies for the kiddies, naturally.

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  1. Fab purchases! You'd have been proud of me today Biba. I went shopping for some clothes! I hardly ever buy clothes but I'm now all summery and wearing colours that suit me : ) I adore your monsoon scarf by the way.


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