Thursday, 16 June 2011

An Extremely Pleasant Afternoon

Last week I got a kind invitation from my friend Marysia to the opening of her art exhibition. Marysia is an extremely talented artist and I am completely besotted with her work. The first time I got a glimpse of her creations I was hooked. So, when the opportunity arose to actually see her paintings on display in an art gallery, I simply had to be there.

I took my little girl and my best friend along and we set off on a short trip to a sweet little town not far away from where we live. It really was an extremely enjoyable late spring afternoon and a lovely art exhibition was exactly what we needed to make it perfect.

There was some singing and some talking, there were refreshments and pretty souvenirs, there were some old acquaintances, but most of all, there were friends, and there was joy and gratitude that we could spend this lazy Thursday afternoon in each other's company. May we get more of such gatherings come summer! And thank you so much, Marysia, for making us a part of your world :)


  1. I like the quirky paintings and all the architectural details, plus the lovely colours. Sounds like a fun way to spend time!

  2. Biba! thank you for all those nice words about my art:-) I'm really happy that you enjoy the evening:-)

  3. ooooo, i like them. although they are kinda topsy turvy, the colours and linework are really attractive!!!


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