Friday, 3 June 2011

Reading Stuff

A selection of books I've been reading lately. I read a lot, I can't live without books. I'm happy to say that I've passed my love of books on to my children. They're both avid readers, they literally devour books. I'm thrilled!

1. Barnes is one of my favourite authors. I've only just started reading this novel, and yet I already know I'll love it.

2. Ms Ahern is an absolutely wonderful contemporary Irish novelist. Her novels are unputdownable, you can't stop reading them until you've covered the last sentence in the last of her books.

3. Some spiritual reading - truly inspirational.

All of the above - highly recommended!

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  1. I feel awful. Your post just reminded me that I have not picked up a BOOK since january..... i have only been browsing magazines :(


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