Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Liberty Crafting Continues

As promised, some more of my Liberty crafting. This is what I have been doing with little scraps of Liberty fabric I purchased on Etsy:

1. Key Fob Wristlet - I made a braid with three straps of Liberty fabric, sewed them together, put on a bow and voila - this is the result! It's incredibly practical, you clip it on your keys which can then be worn around your wrist (while you need them, that is, not as an accessory...). My hands are kept free for all the bags I carry up and down the stairs day in and day out... and yet the keys are always 'at hand'!

2. Brooch & Two Pairs of Clip-On Earrings - aren't these just the cutest thing? The brooch & matching earrings used to be 'dressed' in coloured silk but I prefer them in their new outfit...

3. Three More Bangles - in cream & green & burgundy colours this time. Another set of rather ugly plastic bangles clad in lovely Liberty fabric!

4. Last but not least - my very favourite, actually - Chunky Liberty Necklace! Oversized beads clad in Liberty fabric, put on a satin ribbon with some wooden beads - best thing I've seen in ages!

And... there's more to come!

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