Saturday, 15 May 2010

Blossom Meets Poppy

Remember my post on this Liberty doll? And her soul sister (I was referring to their respective owners, naturally)?

I went to see my friend yesterday. She's out of the hospital, but she needs to spend some time at the rehabilitation institute to make sure her leg works properly after a very bad knee injury.

Blossom came along, of course (she lives in my bag inner pocket, remember?). She and Poppy had a long chat on a picnic blanket... and so did the other people in the room - picnic partly included in the form of a yummy snack for my friend!

This is where Poppy resides at the moment. I sincerely hope she will soon be able to move to the more pleasant surroundings - the comfort of my friend's home.

Get well soon, R.!


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