Thursday, 6 May 2010

Yet More Liberty

A few more things I crafted with my lovely scraps of Liberty fabric off Etsy:

- three badges in pink

They go lovely with my Pink Stripe Shirt from Tulchan, don't you think? I made them from some old Snoopy badges I had when I was little. Good bye, Peanuts, hello, Liberty!

- a tiny fabric book

It doesn't serve any particular purpose. Just an acessory. I love Liberty fabric so much that I want to have swatches with me at all times... I got the idea for this 'book' from Etsy - check it out!

I ordered two 'Liberty Scraps Grab Bags' in red and purple shades. I loved them so much I ordered another two in red (different patterns) and pink! I'm expecting them sometime next week.

- three Liberty bangles

I bought three hideous plastic bangles and clad them in lovely Liberty fabric ribbons - absolutely gorgeous!

- corsage with a self-covered Liberty button

What can I say? I'm only so slightly obsessed with Liberty fabric at the moment. I'm sure it will pass. And I'm in no pain whatsoever!

Good luck to everyone in Britain - you're waking up with a new government tomorrow!


  1. Wonderful ideas! How did you cover the bangles - with ordinary glue?

  2. Yes, I did - only at the beginning and at the end; the rest is just tightly wrapped around.

  3. Have you ever checked out Liberty fabrics, you might like them!!!!!


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