Monday, 3 May 2010

Now Is The Month Of Maying...

... when merry lads are playing! Fa la la la la!
Each with his bonny lass, a-dancing on the grass, fa la la la la!

The Spring, clad all in gladness, doth laugh at Winter's sadness! Fa la la la la!
And to the bagpipes’ sound, the nymphs tread out the ground! Fa la la la la!

Fie! Then why sit we musing, youth’s sweet delight refusing? Fa la la la la!
Say, dainty nymphs and speak! Shall we play barley break? Fa la la la la!

I love this song (or is it a poem?)! The lyrics were written by Sir Thomas Morley. Whenever I think of it I can picture the scene in great detail - it makes me enormously happy! Go on, give it a go!

Today's outfit was inspired by the lovely season we're in - bright neutrals (have I just come up with an oxymoron?) and florals. And pink ballet flats!

I'm wearing:

flats - Mini Boden
tights - Polzela (local brand)
trenchcoat - Zara
belt - TopShop
skirt - no particular brand
top with shiny logo - Benetton
cardi - Tulchan
beads - TwoWay
corsage - TopShop
angel earrings, brooch, bracelets; Liberty bracelet; TreeTwist bracelet
bag - Barbour
corsage (on bag) - Accessorize, embellished by me

Enjoy the month of Maying, everyone!


Thanks for taking your time!