Friday, 28 May 2010

More Pink Butterflies

Remember my favourite dress? Well, it has a companion. As seen in today's outfit. Pink butterflies cardi! I really love the pattern and when I saw this cardigan on sale I just had to have it. It goes quite well with the dress, would you believe it (I know it's the same pattern but very often too much of a good thing spoils everything, right?) - I'll post the proof as soon as I get to wear the two together.

I'm wearing:

flats - Boden (girls' range)
trousers - Playlife
skinny belt - H&M
white tank top - Get
cardi - Ivko
wooden beads - TwoWay
corsage (on beads) - TopShop
bag - Barbour
corsage (on bag) - Accessorize (embellished by me)
angel bracelet, earrings...

P.S.: Found perfect new setting for the pics - the lawn behind our block of flats! How come I've never thought of it before...?

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