Thursday, 18 March 2010

Art Exhibition

Another trip to the capital. In the afternoon, my Mum, my daughter and I drove to Ljubljana to attend the opening of an art exhibition. Not just any art exhibition, mind you. My younger cousin, who's a painter and children's books illustrator and designer, is exhibiting some of her paintings at the Pentagonal Tower of the Ljubljana Castle. The title of the exhibition is 'Urban Patterns' and here you can see some of her work. Enjoy!

On the weather front things are doing well. It was really warm and sunny today and behold, no boots on my feet! I'm wearing sneakers! I bought these about a year ago, put them in the closet and forgot all about them. And now I have a new pair of shoes this spring! The green shopper with the corsage is my new favourite accessory. It's got wheels and a handle you can pull out and I think it just looks very chic - especially for a shopper...

Today I wore:
sneakers - Adidas
skinny jeans - miss bonbon
green tunic - Kesidov
green turtleneck - Get
scarf - H&M
coat - Boden
sunglasses - Marks&Spencers
leather bag - Laura Ashley
shoulder bag - Oilily
angel brooch, pendant, bracelets

I love spring!

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  1. the pictures are fantastic! and i always love your outfits!


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