Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Inspiration: Oilily

Another brand name I am extremely fond of. I love their colours and patterns.

I was very badly craving this coat last winter. It was so expensive though that I couldn't afford it even when it was on sale.

The brand produces some lovely fragrances. I believe they're mainly targeted at young girls but hey! Who could blame me? I've got their 'Blue Sparkle'. It's delicious (smells of fresh fruit) but I'm totally in love with this packaging.

What can I say about this summer dress? Not much, apart from it being the perfect combination of colour and pattern. Me likey!

I totally adore this bag as well. I've never seen it in our shops, I've only found this pic on the net. I wouldn't mind owning this beauty. I shouldn't complain, though, I do own a gorgeous Oilily bag. You can be sure that you'll see it at a very near point in the future...

Last but not least - a lovely detail. I'd say this is a skirt or a dress for little girls. Gorgeous, isn't it?

I really need some inspiration right now - we've been completely (and I mean COMPLETELY) snowed in again. It's March 10, for heaven's sake!

(All pics from various Oilily websites)

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