Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Still Skinny!

I told you yesterday that you were going to see a lot of these skinny jeans. I meant it. They are the most comfortable pair I've ever worn. They feel like tights (well, almost...just add a belt...). And I love how they make a really lean silhouette of the bottom part of my legs.

Just a usual busy day today. My sweet little ladybird is still waiting to be crafted.

Today I wore:
boots - Alpina (local brand)
skinny jeans - miss bonbon
shirt top - La Redoute
green top - Labod (local brand)
stripy top - Labod
ebony disc necklace - Marks&Spencer
round bead necklace - outlet store in Ljubljana
angel pendant & bracelets

Excuse the hair, it's just been washed, and my flat iron died the other day...

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