Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Going Skinny! (Have You Seen My Horse, BTW?)

I drove to the capital today to meet a very good friend. I had a wonderful day. In the afternoon I took my children to the local cake shop for some cake - my little girl had been promised a piece a while ago. As I said, a wonderful day. Even more so because it was warm enough (ie. not so very very cold) to wear my absolutely favourite piece from my wardrobe - the green Boden coat! I'll make it official: spring is on its way!

Apart from the coat, there's another item you'll be seeing a lot of this spring: my new (and very first) pair of skinny jeans! I never thought I'd be brave enough to wear skinny trousers (my legs don't 'support' that kind of cut) but with a skirt or a dress or a coat / cardi covering the problem areas it seems like a good idea. In fact, I'd been looking for the perfect pair for nearly a year now and last week I finally found THE one.

So today I wore:
boots - Humanic
skinny jeans - miss bonbon
shirt dress - McKinley
cardi - Ivko
scarf - Laura Ashley, borrowed from my Mum
coat - Boden
leather gloves - hand-me-downs from Mum, really old and battered; love them!
leather bag - Laura Ashley
corsage (on bag) - Accessorize, embellished by me (I added some Barbour tartan ribbon & self-made leather tassels)

How was your day?

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  1. Hee hee - I've been thinking of going 'skinny' too, but haven't quite got round to it - they look great on you :) You've inspired me!


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