Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Blossom Boots

Another outfit pic. Worn last Sunday to church. My absolutely favourite coat. My lovely brown hat. Mum's vintage handbag. And my chocolate brown blossom boots!

I've had them for ages but I don't wear them very often because I can't walk in high heels properly. Plus I don't feel all that comfortable. I wear these beauties to church and that about sums it up. They're lovely though, aren't they?

I'm not posting the indoor outfit pic as it is pretty much the recreation of this outfit - the only different item is the boots.

I wore:
boots - Alpina (local brand)
coat - Boden
corsage - H&M (hair clip, actually)
leather gloves - Marks&Spencer
handbag - Mum's, vintage
hat - Seeberger

Hope yours was a lovely weekend. Mine was, spring was in the air again, and that makes me very happy. I got my first little bouquet of snowdrops from my son!

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