Thursday, 11 March 2010

Inspiration: Celine

The other night, while doing my regular evening exercise, I watched a film about Celine Dion. It was an unauthorized biography (I learnt after asking Mr Google) but it more or less followed the events in her life from the beginning of her career to her show in Las Vegas. What really struck me was her incredible love story.

It's funny how I never really thought about it - Celine and her husband always appeared as 'an item' despite the huge age gap. After seeing the film, though, I realised that she probably had to fight hard to get where she is - I mean, if I think about my little girl falling for someone old enough to be her Dad... Then I googled some pics of her and her husband and there is one thing you can spot in every single one of them together - LOVE. Celine radiates love around the man she chose to love and that, my friends, truly is inspirational.

I've always liked Celine's music. I'm not the sort of fan who'd go out and buy all her CDs, I may have one or two, but I do like her. We both had our first baby in the same year and I remember putting a picture of pregnant Celine into my baby's scrapbook (before he was born) - I made a list of 'celebrity babies' born that year, 2001...

Here you can see Celine with another one of my favourites, Josh Groban. As he's an incredible young man, he deserves an inspiration post all by himself...

Apparently I need a lot of inspiration these days... The snow is still all around and spring - which was in the air about a week ago - is nowhere near to be seen. Bear with me, dear friends, I beg you!

(Celine's pics come from various websites)


  1. Aw, hope Spring is right around the corner! Just been catching up on your SCWC posts, sorry I missed so many - they all look great! :D Fun Idea!

  2. My baby was born that year! Not quite an international celebrity but held in very high regard in this house! It was a good year for babies! We have souveniers of great people who share his name - there are 4 especially from science, sports, music and engineering - covers most areas I feel should he ever need to get inspired! t.x


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