Friday, 19 March 2010

Earring Cushion!

Remember my gorgeous Harris Tweed pin cushion I won in the giveaway from my friend Alison? I absolutely adore this pin cushion and ever since I got it I've been thinking about alternate uses of the pretty thing. You see, I don't really want to use it as a pin cushion. I'm not a pin person. I don't use pins very often, but I don't want to shove this beauty in my sewing box and only occasionally lay eyes on it.

I'd been considering wearing it as a brooch or a pendant, but let's be honest - it is slightly too big, even for my taste (and I do like wearing huge accessories...). Then it occurred to me - this pretty cushion could become a home for my accessories! I've stuck some earrings into it and it looks really pretty! Plus I get to keep it on my bedside table (or my desk, for that matter, as I want to take a look at it every now and then when I work at my computer...). Perfect solution!

What do you think, dear readers? Any suggestions? What else would you use a pin cushion for (as lovely as this one, of course!)?


  1. I think this is a fabulous idea. I may get my sewing kit out to make one. It also offers endless gift possibillities - a nice ear-ring cushion and a lovely pair of ear-rings.
    I love your creative thinking!

  2. I am looking forward to Austria - I am staying in the South - near a place called Mariaworth.

  3. What a lovely idea Mojca - you're a genius!! :D


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