Monday, 15 March 2010

Stripes & Dots

An outfit pic again, finally. I had a wee break after the Wardrobe Challenge and then the weather turned sour and I didn't feel like dressing up. And my sweats are not all that interesting. Since Saturday I have been able to smell spring again. There's still plenty of snow around but the sun is getting stronger and I'm hopeful...

This is today's outfit. I'm afraid the bottom part has been seen many a time before but at least the top part is a bit different. The polka dot scarf I'm wearing is very much vintage - it's my Mum's, from when she was young! She'd say that was a long long time ago but, to be honest, she doesn't show it!

boots - Humanic
tights - Polzela (local brand)
skirt - eK Jeans
striped top - Petit Bateau
cardi - Tulchan
scarf - Mum's, vintage
corsage - Etsy (lovely seller rosetutu)
angel pendant, earrings, bracelets

Another set of dots (and some stripes, vertical & horizontal!) came in the post today. I'm so happy! I've won the main prize in my friend Alison's give away! I'm very much looking forward to crafting my own ladybird - I sincerely hope I can manage to squeeze in some 'quality crafting time' tomorrow - and I'm oh-so-impressed with this beautiful, gorgeous, pretty, exquisite... pin cushion! Isn't it just the prettiest thing ever? I'm not sure I'd like to use it as a pin cushion, though, I'm thinking about its possibilities as an accessory... a brooch, perhaps? Open for suggestions!


  1. Spots and stripes are my absolute favourites.

  2. I hope you enjoy using the kit Mojca! Thankyou for the lovely mention :) It will be fun to see what other ideas you have for the pincushion, hehe!!


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