Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Spring Capsule Wardrobe Challenge Day Three

A miracle happened today! As my husband left for work a little bit later than usual, I had my pics taken in the morning! I haven't yet figured out where I could take the pics myself, so I always need a photographer...

This is my choice for Day Three of the challenge. I'm absolutely and utterly in love with this red cardi, I think it's one of the best purchases I've ever made. It's really soft and warm, plus it was on sale. How can you beat that?

I hope you're enjoying this challenge as much as I am. Looking forward to tomorrow! The mental image of the outfit has already been completed...


  1. What a great selection of colours. You keep pulling surprises out of the bag. I love the way you work with colour.

  2. Indeed, what a great cardigan... your color palette is so cheerful. Lovely.

  3. I am so very much coveting your sweater! I love it! (I found you via the spring wardrobe challenge and I love how you are using color. I was scared to do that and went with boring this time, but next time I'll have to be more adventurous.)


Thanks for taking your time!