Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Sweet Ladybird

At long last! Here are the pics of my Harris Tweed ladybird softie I crafted last Friday! My card reader still doesn't work but I have been enlightened by my husband that I can download pics from my camera directly... Go figure! And it's so much easier than the whole procedure with the card reader... I'm not the technical type, as you might have noticed!

With the ladybird, I followed Alison's instructions but I made one small change - I wanted the spots slightly smaller so I cut them off around the edges. I thought they fit better onto the small body of my sweet little softie...

I'm really pleased with the result. For the pics, I asked my new friend to pose with my Lulu Guinness poppy clasp purse - they go really well together, don't you think? For the background, I used my tweedie bag that I'm rather fond of as well - it adds the refreshing green to the scene...

Anyway, my nearly nine-year-old boy is madly in love with my ladybird... He got one of Alison's dinosaurs last Christmas but he wasn't remotely as impressed with it as he was with the ladybird. And I thought I knew what he fancied!

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  1. Mojca, he is so darn cute!! What a fantastic job you did, just beautiful! I think the spots are a little smaller in the kits I've made, so hopefully they will be the right size now. Thank you so much for posting this - I will link it to my blog as soon as I'm back :)
    Alison x


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