Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Crafting Inspiration II.

I've been busy some more! This time a big thank you goes to Lucy. I admire her work very much and own many of her gorgeous creations (fabric brooches and key rings). I loved the mouse brooch and the heart ornament and with some scraps of beautiful Liberty Tana Lawn still in stock I got creative ...

::: choosing the colours & patterns :::

::: almost there :::

::: done! :::

::: so sweet, isn't it? :::

Thank you for all your inspiration, my dear virtual friends :)

P. S.: The mouse and the heart were spotted on Lucy's FB page:


Monday, 14 April 2014

What I Did Last Weekend

I sang in a choir, performing The Passion of The Christ

The performance was a great success
and a magnificent experience. 
Will put it on repeat for next year :)

Thursday, 10 April 2014

No Coat, Yay!

Oooh, I totally adore this combination! Isn't it just ... perfect? I know, I know, slightly overexcited here, but let's be honest - what's not to love?

Every item is listed under my 'favourite': the dress, the jacket, the scarf, the tights, the tote, the corsage ... I love them all! And they are a perfect match! 

Right, I guess this will do. Perhaps a better photo next time?

Outfit details:

- heeled brogues - Boden
- tights - local supermarket
- dress - Joules
- skinny belt - H&M
- top - Boden
- woodden disk necklace - M&S
- jacket - Joules
- scarf - Fraas
- tote - Barbour
- corsage - local crafter

Wednesday, 9 April 2014

A Winter Coat In April?

OK, I admit, this set of photos was taken a couple of weeks ago - forgotten and later rediscovered on my camera! Since I liked the outfit I'm posting it anyway. 

I have always liked mixing elegant and casual pieces, and the classic camel coat paired with a pair of floral plimsols is exactly what I have in mind when approaching the subject! It's quite cool, isn't it? I'm not quite sure I'm supposed to put that in writing, though ... :)

The indoor version of the outfit was casual from head to toe: a pair of skinny jeans and a jumper! I threw in a floral scarf and a couple of corsages for good measure!

I purchased these Cath Kidston plimsols last year - they're exactly the same as my Converse All Stars yet at a fraction of the price! Go figure!

Outfit details:

- plimsols - Cath Kidston
- skinny jeans - Joules
- jumper - Boden
- silk floral scarf - Laura Ashley
- corsages - lovely Alix from used-to-bees
- coat - Benetton
- tote - Hunter
- angel ring!

Sunday, 6 April 2014

Crafting Inspiration

Or being plain copycat. 
Whichever you prefer ...

I saw this corsage and thought - oh, I could make something like this! So I did, using my precious scraps of Liberty Tana Lawn. Pretty, isn't it? Thank you so much for the idea, Helen!

I also loved these bird pegs
So I did some more crafting! 

Another big thank you to Caroline!

Friday, 4 April 2014


Another Boden ad! Almost :) 
With a little bit of Joules thrown in, 
and an angel or two ...

I don't normally wear trousers to church on Sundays but this outfit could easily pass for my Sunday best, don't you think? It's actually quite simple but with all the accessories it still feels very 'me'. 

I was absolutely stunned when this pair of Boden Bistro Trousers arrived in the post - I had no idea that my angel bag was the perfect match. Meant to be, obviously!

Oh, and check the earrings, this hand-made lace is utterly and completely stunning. Love love love!

Outfit details:

- heeled brogues - Boden
- trousers - Boden
- shirt - Nara Camicie
- jacket - Boden
- silk scarf - Joules
- angel bag!
- earrings - local craft shop